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Proyecto Córtex

In development

Sample created during the coronavirus pandemic

This deeply introspective, personal project was engendered by a traumatic car accident from which I developed Post Concussion Syndrome.

My recovery process left me reflecting on the nature of the mind / brain and our inner experience. “Proyecto Cortex” arises from the need to exteriorize in order to examine and heal from this event.

This is an international collaboration with performer Simina Ellis, who was fascinated by the idea of ​​tapping into the brain processes of creation, imagination, belief and chasing the broken connections of trauma.

Through the use of physical movement, reworking text with prompting; discovery using color, images, music and sound; illustration by the use of my native languages ​​of Spanish and English; scientific data and my own experience, I aim to create a devised one woman performance about brain trauma that explores the questions “What is the brain? And What is us? "

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