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Nirvania Quesada

Nirvania Quesada is an emerging Puerto Rican director, producer and founder of

"Producciones Amarillo".

Her creative practice is deeply influenced by the mixture of her training she received through the University of Puerto Rico, East 15 Acting School and The Lincoln Center Directors Lab.

After meeting Timothy Douglas, as part of a SDCF Observership, she worked as his Assistant Director of “Proof”, “A Raisin in the Sun” and “Gem of the Ocean”.

With the support of the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) she is currently in rehearsals for “Yo era una chica moderna”, her adaptation of the novel by César Aira.



Nirvania's mission as a theater director is to create a body of work which focuses on the exploration of her identity as a Puerto Rican woman.   

By honoring the cultural and political landscape, in which Nirvania lives, she hopes to pursue a creative process that is authentic to herself and to her audiences.

She approaches texts with a desire to actively inquire as to why they are relevant to our islands special brand of chaos.

Nirvania's process focuses on the honing of her actor- collaborator skill set, creating a minimalist palate around them in order to exalt their characters journey.

She is committed to the creation of theater and film that empowers the Puerto Rican community. She lives in San Juan with her cat, Lily.

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