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Testing 1, 2, 3.

Thanks to the support of the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures we have had the opportunity to explore the text and test its possibilities as a one-man theater piece. Could "I was a modern girl" be a play? Here we share the results of our search ...

An apocalyptic delusion. "I was a modern girl" is an adaptation of the novel by the Argentine writer César Aira.
"I was a modern girl" offers us a mirror that reflects the dark side of the female psyche as opposed to the classical patriarchal vision of femininity.
It illustrates the serious problem of violence and the chaotic existence that is our daily bread in Puerto Rico.
Really magical. Horror. Dreamworld. Female transgression. Urban monstrosity.

La Chica Moderna has a job in a multinational private company, a spectacular apartment, a credit card that buys everything.

He also has memories of a night of jangueo in La Calle Loíza in which, together with his best friend Lila, he commits an atrocious act that changes the course of the night and his life. Horrific magical intervention? Note-induced illusion?

Modern Girl tells us about her nocturnal journey through the chaos of violence, privatization, politics, the press, and gentrification.

Yellow Productions | I was a modern girl

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